Important Halloween Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Forget

Halloween - Barron, WI

We hope you have a safe and fun-filled Halloween!

Fall is here for the next few months, and Halloween is right around the corner! Now is the perfect time to get the kids geared up and ready to collect some candy. As always, safety comes first, especially on trick-or-treat night. Here are some Halloween safety tips to help ensure every kid and adult has a Happy Halloween!

  • Preparing – Getting the kids ready for trick-or-treat night can be a struggle. Make sure their costumes fit well to avoid any accident-based injuries or trips to the emergency room. Also, ensure the child can see well in their mask but, if possible, use makeup or face paint to increase visibility instead. For adults staying at home to pass out candy, buy as much as you’ll need beforehand. Those new to the neighborhood should consult a neighbor to avoid running out of candy.
  • Walking – Parents and children walking on trick-or-treat night should stay close to one another. Attach a glow stick to the child’s costume to make them easier to see in the dark. Teach children to look both ways before crossing the street and to make eye contact with the driver before crossing as well. Trick-or-treaters older than 13 should stay in familiar, well-lit areas.
  • Driving – Drivers should stow their devices out of sight to avoid distractions. Keep the vehicle’s headlights on at all times. If possible, just avoid driving on trick-or-treat night. If that isn’t possible, find out what the local hours are and prepare accordingly.
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