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Fall Car Care Month - Barron, WI

Now that fall is here, it’s the perfect time to give your car the TLC it deserves! best price for cialis 20mg

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Fall has finally arrived, which means there’s plenty of car maintenance to take care of if you were slacking off during the summer months. Fall car care is rather simple and serves as necessary preparation for the harsher winter weather. Most of the usual car care can be taken of at home. That said, here are some DIY fall car care tips from us here at Swant Graber Chevrolet. can buy viagra without prescriptions

  • Wipers – Changing your wiper blades is pretty simple and a relatively cheap part of routine maintenance. Windshield wipers see the most use during fall and winter, which is why it’s important to change them before rough weather sets in. Most vehicles offer a straightforward method of changing the wipers. Doing so requires no tools; learning can be done via the owner’s manual. <a href="http://tadcialiscoupon viagra schnelle lieferung.us/”>comprar viagra online peru
  • Air Filter – Engine air filters are fairly cheap and changing them doesn’t require any tools. The air filters should be changed twice a year, usually in spring and fall. An old air filter can restrict air flow to the engine and cause lower fuel economy and power, and congested emissions. buy cialis
  • Battery – Take the time to scrape off the corrosion and tighten the connections on your vehicle’s battery. Doing so is inexpensive and only requires a brush. Look over the battery for any signs of damage as well. If you live in a harsh winter climate, consider buying a new battery every two-to-three years just to be safe.
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